Learn Our Top 3 Industry Insider Headshot Tips

Headshots sound like such a simple concept, but there are some strict guidelines you need to follow that insiders in the industry recommend AND expect:

1. Look like you most natural self. People think “photo shoot” — they think “glam.” This is a common misperception. You want your headshot to represent your most natural self. If we saw you in a crowded train station and all we had was your headshot…we should be able to pick you out of the crowd just based on that photograph. Don’t deceive us. The worst thing is to walk into an audition and hand over your headshot & have the Casting Directors look back at you dumbfounded …
2. Wear minimal makeup for a flawless, clean look.  Obviously, you want to “put your best face forward,” but this does not mean it’s time to cake on the makeup. Wear a light foundation to even out your skin tone, a light powder to take an shine away from your face, some mascara, and some light reflecting, natural eyeshadow. Avoid heavy colors, or thick liners. You want to look sleek & basically give the impression you’re not wearing any makeup at all. This rule applies to auditions too. Once you’re on-set the makeup artist can pile the makeup on if necessary. But keep it clean for headshots & auditions.
3. Choose solid, flattering colors to wear–no WHITE! First of all, white looks horrible on camera and under the lights. So, if you’ve never heard this before… believe us when we say AVOID WEARING WHITE. Instead, find a flattering color that compliments your eyes/hair that will photograph well. Test some looks out and take pics on your camera phone before the big day. And please…nothing low cut/too showy. No images, labels, or logos. Again, same goes for dressing for auditions. You’re always better off in solid, simple, flattering clothing.

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