Learn the Top 3 Things to Remember this Thanksgiving

In the spirit of Thanksgiving we are throwing out three things you shouldn’t forget while you’re on holiday:

1. Don’t let any family Debbie Downers get you down on your career. Stick to your guns and believe in yourself. Your family can sometimes be your harshest critic. They can be threatened and/or scared by your risky career choice. Don’t let this deter you from pursuing your dreams and speaking proudly about your efforts. Remember, you have communities like ClaimFame who believe in you, support you, and are here to help you succeed in your path.

2. Stay centered and focused. Of course it’s fine to indulge and enjoy the holiday, but take some time for yourself to meditate, exercise, and center yourself. No matter what the day… it’s important to work on your craft and be at peace. Do just one little thing on Thanksgiving to keep you working on your craft — even if it’s as simple as sitting still and clearing your mind for 5 minutes, or applying to a few casting calls online.

3. Give thanks to yourself. You haven’t chosen the easiest career path, but you’ve chosen a courageous one. Applaud yourself for all your efforts. It’s brave to follow your dreams. Remember, nothing good comes easily. But in the end.. the rewards of your success will be worth it. So, be grateful and kind to yourself this Thanksgiving–you deserve a round of applause!

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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