50 Cent Casting New STARZ TV Series

50 Cent is producing a new TV series Power for the STARZ channel. Casting Directors are looking for Non-Union NYC based talent -males & females — for shoots 12/13, 12/16 & 12/17. They’re looking for people to play high end club patrons.

Here’s how to get cast:
Email photos, current union status, contact info & sizes to

5 Responses to “50 Cent Casting New STARZ TV Series”

  1. mandrell mccants

    I am a non-union person looking for a chance. I have been interested in film for a very long time and I hope this is right for me.

  2. arthur cooper

    I am a noun-union person looking for a chance to be somebody in life i am a very good actor in I’m trying to pursue my dream

  3. Will I ever earn a positive and productive role to steamy interactive explicit ones. An opportunity to improve myself in life in a professional mature manner. Quality expectation one may have for me and what God need for me. Id really like a stable path of my own. For now I have my dignity and pride to express myself and hope someone will understand my charateristics.

  4. 1. Energetic 2. Productive 3. Cooperation my 3 thoughts. I know id like to cast in a series, away in the wind or even a spell.


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