Learn Our Top 5 Tips on How to Be Your Own Agent

There are many benefits to living in the viral world in 2013. This extends to the entertainment industry, which is constantly changing due to technology and social platforms. Whereas in the past you needed a traditional agent and representation to get cast in anything, today you can be your own agent: Cast yourself. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 tips that have worked for some of our members who have succeeded in using social platforms to create/find work & get maximum exposure:

1. Create professional social media accounts. You want to use social media to enhance your image. So don’t post information–or photos–that do not represent your best self. You want your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Linkedin accounts to promote yourself and your brand as an actor. It sounds simple — but always remember to keep it professional. You are a business and should conduct yourself as such!

2. Make your own website for free. There are many free website platforms like wix.com where you can create your own website. Post your resume, headshots, reel etc. This is great for applying to casting calls too because you can always send your link to Casting Directors & all your info is in one, unified place.

3. Promote yourself & your reel on video platforms. Use video platforms like Vimeo and YouTube to post your reels and/or any projects you’re working on. Then promote it on your social media outlets & distribute your work on the web. Use the tools at your fingertips!

4. Create original content. Don’t wait around for the phone to ring. Attract audiences to YOU by creating original content. Get a group of your friends together and write & shoot a web series. Or even a 3 minute video. Be creative and get your work to standout! Write a blog, upload original videos to YouTube/Vimeo etc.

5. Engage with your audience. It’s key to respond & engage with your Twitter followers, Facebook fans, blog comments etc. Create dialogue and you will see how your hyper engagement pays off. It will increase your web exposure & keep people interested in you.

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