Don’t Hustle to Go See “American Hustle”

We couldn’t have hustled ourselves out of that movie theater any faster! We had heard great things about David O Russell’s latest feature film American Hustle with an all-star cast playing 1970’s con artists. But … it was a huge disappointment! The first 5 minutes were captivating and then in was downhill from there… It lacked overall plot and structure. Apparently, O’Russell let the actors improv most the film, which would explain some of the disarray that permeated each scene. We also thought that Jennifer Lawrence — though we love her so — was completely mis-cast as she was too young to play the role of Christian Bale’s kept wife. Did you see American Hustle this weekend? What did you think? Are we crazy to have disliked it?

One Response to “Don’t Hustle to Go See “American Hustle””

  1. john-robert marks

    american hustle was amazingly good film, Bradley cooper stepped up to a whole new level of acting as Richard, really proving himself as an actor, Jennifer Lawrence, was great in this film to, it wasn’t uncommon to have a younger wife in those days, all glamoured up and yet mature at the same time.
    you cant say she wasn’t a good choice for the film because your comparing her to the hunger games character katniss.
    as for improve, i think they did very well, because when i saw it twice i thought it was scripted, it shows their ability to make the audience believe in their present moment and remember that the film isn’t a comedy, it’s a drama with a hint of romance and a side of underworld gangsta action, so them doing improvisation in that kind of genre is a triumph of acting ability
    well done david o’russell


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