Did American Hustle Con the Box Office?

We may not have loved American Hustle, but movie goers sure did. The film scored the year’s biggest limited box-office debut, grossing an average $115,000 per-theatre! American Hustle was sure to be a fan favorite after securing seven Golden Globe nominations last week. Already generating Oscar buzz, the comedy-drama takes place during the 1970’s Abscam scandal and  stars Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper, and Jennifer Lawrence.

Did you push American Hustle into the record books? Tell us your thoughts on the film…

One Response to “Did American Hustle Con the Box Office?”

  1. john-robert marks

    i f’n knew it, this great film was going to be not only a great watch but a box office smash,
    i was the first person to comment on the critics opinion and i proved them wrong
    having said said that if the hugely talented Mr DAVE O’RUSSELL or any of his associates would love to con me into a supporting act for a future film that would be great(please pleas please please i need to be in films of this callibur)


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