Spike Jonze’s Latest Film “Her” Draws on the Human Heart

Writer-director Spike Jonze has created an old fashioned love story in his latest movie Her. But, here’s the thing… Her isn’t exactly your regular ol’ Sleepless in Seattle romance. Why? Well…the main character falls in love with… his operating system. The two lovers — Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) and Samantha (the voice of Scarlett Johansson) never meet face to face. In fact Samantha has no face, not even an avatar a la Siri. At times sad and eerie, this film is a true commentary on modern life and our difficulty to find true connection. Despite the film’s modern twists, Jonze successfully draws on universal, timeless themes that give the film an inherent humanity: our intrinsic yearning to connect, our deep need for intimacy, and at times…our actual inability to connect…which has been exacerbated by technology. Essentially, this film walks the line between an old fashioned love story and a modern day tale of loneliness and one man’s quest to find love in the abstract.

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