5 Things You Can Do this Holiday to Further Your Career

Just because filming stops over the holidays…doesn’t mean your career should come to a halt! Here are five things you can do over the holidays to further your career so that you’re ready for success in 2014:

1. Update your resume. Make sure your resume is updated with all your latest projects, education, and contact info. Give it a sleek look and make sure it’s only a page with the most relevant information.
2. Research classes & workshops you’d like to participate in in 2014. No matter what level you’re at … it’s always a good idea to invest in casting workshops that will get you exposure & further experience.
3. Create a list of agents you want to send your headshot/resume to in January. Google the agents near you who you want to get in touch with. Find their address and get ready to send out your info in the New Year when they’re accepting submissions.
4. Shoot your own videos. Have fun and use your free time to create your own content. Get your friends together and do a shoot that you can distribute on the web.
5. Rest & relax. Aside from enjoying time with your family and indulging in holiday treats…it’s always important to take some time to rest and relax. In such a demanding business, it’s imperative to give yourself “me” time!

Happy holidays!

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