Find Out the Top 5 Celebrity Scandals of 2013

We got to reap the benefits of quite a few celebrity missteps this past year. Let’s look back at some of the most cringe worthy moments of 2013:

1. Miley Cyrus at the VMA’s – Tongue wagging, teddy bears, and twerking made Miley infamous at this year’s MTV VMA awards. Her raunchy performance landed her in hot water with parents but also on magazine covers!

2. Lamar Odom’s Cheats & Admits to Drug Problems – We nearly thought Khloe and Lamar had what it took to go the distance. Sadly, their 4 year marriage will end in divorce after a year of odd behavior from Odom including allegations of cheating and crack smoking.

3. Simon Cowell Impregnates his Friend’s Wife – A new American Idol is on the way. Simon Cowell and his friend’s wife, Lauren Silverman, are expecting their first child. A notorious bachelor, who has publicly stated his dislike of children, really capitalized on “Friends with Benefits”.

4. Amanda Bynes’ Total Breakdown – We all missed the little girl who captured our hearts on “All That”, as we watched the slow and painful demise of child star Amanda Bynes. Her bizarre appearance, behavior and tweets were a desperate yet humorous cry for help. Amanda just finished a stint in rehab and we hope she is on the mend for a healthy 2014.

5. Farrah Abraham’s Sex Tape – The former Teen Mom star gave her daughter a reason to be proud this past year, as she starred in a porn with adult film star James Deen. Selling the flick for over $1 million dollars doesn’t bring back your dignity…but it’s a start.

What were your favorite scandals of 2013?

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