Weekend Roundup: Here’s What You Missed this Wk

It was a busy week in showbiz! We started the week out by recovering from Golden Globe madness. Next up, we had Oscar nominations, and now the SAG awards tonight! Award season is in the air.¬†We know January is a busy time for everyone as you plunge into a new year of work, castings PLUS we know you’re gearing up for the pilot season. So, in case you missed out, here’s our quick link roundup to make it easy for you to always CLAIM YOUR FAME no matter what’s going on:

1. Check out our 1st Member Spotlight blog & hear how you can get featured next wk!
2. Browse all of this wk’s latest casting calls right here. Get going and apply away!
3. Follow us on Twitter to get the most up-to-date casting call & showbiz news!
4. Learn the top3 things we want you to take away from watching any awards show!
5. Hear this week’s celeb discovery story featuring Ashton Kutcher!


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