The Acting Life: Introducing Sarah duRivage-Jacobs

Meet our new weekly blogger Sarah duRivage-Jacobs! Sarah is a New York based actress who hails from a small hippie town right outside of DC. She received her undergraduate training at Towson University and continued her training at T. Schreiber Studio in New York City. She also studied improv at the People’s Improv Theatre. Favorite roles include Marcy in “Dog Sees God,” April in “Hot L Baltimore,” and Sunny in “Attempted Harmonies,” which is currently vying for the top spot at the Manhattan Repertory Theatre’s Winter One Act Festival.

I am about as cynical a person as they come. I speak sarcasm fluently and I’m a big fan of schadenfreude (I only know how to spell that because of Avenue Q). But when your brain starts entering Hannah Horvath territory, sometimes nothing works better than a scented candle, relaxing music, and a somewhat cheesy quote that can become your mantra. Fake it till you make it, am I right?

In the acting industry, NOTHING is certain. Your life could drastically change one afternoon because of a great audition or due to a particularly successful schmoozing session. Alternatively, you could be crying alone in your room with a bowl of ramen, attempting to avert eye contact from your shade-throwing cat. The highs are high and the lows are low. There is no certain path for creative types, and as such, no path is incorrect. Success can happen when you least expect it, so it’s our job to keep plugging along — even on the bad days.

Success happens instantaneously for some, but a lot of us are still waiting. And that’s okay! When I graduated from college and didn’t have the opportunity to immediately move to New York, I initially thought of giving up. Since friends of mine had already taken the plunge – with their dreams and their cardigans – I thought that I had failed. It was then that I remembered a quote from “The Zoo Story,” by Edward Albee: “Sometimes it’s necessary to go a long distance out of the way in order to come back a short distance correctly.” Ruminating on that quote made something inside me click. Holding onto a positive mantra allowed me to let go of the negative self-talk. I was eventually able to make the big move to NYC and am now pursuing my dreams in the city where it can actually happen.

I know that one day, my hard work will pay off. Or my mid-twenties angst will at the very least give me some good writing AND acting fodder! Keep it classy!

By: Blogger Sarah duRivage-Jacobs, follow her on Twitter @sdurivagej

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