$2,250 SONY Commercial & Print Campaign Casting

Sony commercial and print ad seeks Non Union talent in Miami. Buyout: 2 year unlimited usage, all media worldwide (No exclusivity)…Usage: All media, unlimited worldwide use though out all mediums online & offline (BTL & ATL). Wardrobe Fittings: One day between Feb. 7-9th. Shoot Dates: Feb 10-15 (1 or 2 days)

TV Rate:
Principals: $750 session fee + $750 complete buy out = $1,500.00
Secondary: $500 session fee +500 complete buy out = $1,000.00
PRINT Rate: (talent who are selected for print will be paid an additional)
Principals session $ 1000 + BUY OUT $ 1000
Secondary: session $ 300 + BUYOUT $ 300
Casting Thursday, Jan 30th in person in Miami
Time: 10am – 5pm, except 12-1
Attire: according to role. You may bring a guitar/bass with, but no need to play.

They would like to see guys that are in real rock bands, that not only look the part, but can also look as if they know how to play a guitar, etc on-camera. We will also see those that look the part.

1. Vintage Rock band guys 30’s-40’s+, More vintage 70’s-80’s look type long hair, Steve Tyler, rocker looks, if they are real rockers that can play guitar, etc A+ , but not required. Bring guitar if they really play for looks. google: Aerosmith.

2. Glam-Modern Hip Rock band look 20’s 30’s: These guys are more of a hipper rock band, contemporary, yet still hip, maybe longish hair, etc. google: The Killers (these are younger, still rockers, but have a cleaner-cut look, with an edge.

3. Indian/hindu music band (from India): photo attached. Again, prefer if they can actually play instruments. India-hindu looks.
google: Hindu musicians/bands

4. Afro-Am piano player 20’s-40’s for cabaret-like scene. He can have an Afro, look hip too.

Here’s how to get cast:
Email miamitalentcasting@gmail.com

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  1. Charli Sadler

    Hello, I would love to be in this commercial because who doesn’t love technology, right?! I am fifteen years old, I have medium to long dark hair and I am 5ft 1inch and Caucasian. My dream is to be an actress/model, and one day a UFC fighter. I would love any opportunity you are willing to give! I have background in dram ever since I was in fifth grade, and I’m willing to work hard! 🙂


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