$2500 Coca-Cola Commercial Casting Several Roles

Casting is underway for an upcoming Coca-Cola campaign. Casting for a TEST SHOOT happening on TUESDAY February 4th. Submissions taken via LA CASTING/CASTING NETWORKS ONLY. That means: do not submit anywhere else BUT LA CASTING. This test will be for internal use only BUT any talent chosen will get more consideration for the campaign.

Here’s how to get cast:
Sign up here http://home.lacasting.com

3 Responses to “$2500 Coca-Cola Commercial Casting Several Roles”

  1. Malik Walsh

    I’m currently an electrician I’m 28 years old and want to try acting. I don’t know if I’m any good but I”d like to atleast try. If there are any casting calls in the New York area it would be greatly appreciated if you tell me where to go . I’m also a professional motorcycle rider if that would be of any or some use to whomever this is to .

    • Isabelle Dungan

      Hi Malik! We have lots of casting calls — be sure to check out the NY section on the homepage — you should definitely give it a try — working as an extra on-set is a great way to get started and we have lots of those castings. To be clear, you must self-submit to these calls we are not an agency — break a leg!


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