Short Film Casting Needs You

Want to get exposure during the 2014-2015 short film festival run? Well now’s your chance!

Auditions are being held on March 1st, 2014 in Raleigh, NC for a short film titled “Social Problems 101”. The film is slated for the 2014-2015 festival run, funded through both California and NC production companies. While there is no pay, you will receive a copy and credit, as well as great exposure. Filming will be April 1st through April 5th in the Triangle Area, in Raleigh, NC.

The following roles are being cast:
JUSTIN – (Lead) MALE, Early 20’s. Bookish, old soul type, Think Jason Schwartzman in “Rushmore” meets Michael Cera in “Scott Pilgrim”.

THEYOUR – (Co – Lead) MALE, Early 20’s, fast talking business type, possessing classical good looks and a Wall Street charm. Jesse Eisenberg in “Social Network”.

ALEX – (Co-Lead) FEMALE, early 20’s, intellectual, political revolutionary type. The archetypal female Clark Kent.

SAM – (Co-Lead) FEMALE, early 20’s, hot girl on campus type. Witty, extremely confident, walks with an air of superiority.

THU – (Featured) FEMALE, early 20’s, east Asian. Tweaked out, overzealous, super studious type. Must be able to deliver a high volume of dialogue very quickly without getting tongue tied.

FEMALE ROOMMATE – (featured) FEMALE, early 20’s, rock/goth type, piercings/tats ok. Think Aubrey Plaza’s character from Parks and Rec on Oxycontin.

OLDER GENTLEMEN – (featured) MALE, late 50’s, business type, jaded and a bit cynical.

#23 – (featured) Male, 20’s, big body, football player type. Plays bodyguard/henchman to the antagonist.

#6 – (featured) Male, 20’s, big body, football player type. Plays bodyguard/henchman to the antagonist.

CAM OPERATOR – Either Gender, early 20’s, art school/hipster type, snarky attitude.

NARRATOR – Voiceover talent, either gender. Older, more worldly voice, sounding as if a grandparent telling grandkids an epic fairy tale. Possess a distinct timber, preferably one with a little edge and darker in tone, possibly even a little grit. More angst and George Carlin-esque than cartoony.

Here’s how to get cast: Submit your head shot and resume with the role in the subject line to

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