SyFy Channel Casting Lead Roles for “Age of Ice”

Still 2 principal roles being cast for “Age of Ice.” JACK: A fit, smart and handsome dad. Very much a family man. He is Mel Gibson from Ransom meets Brad Pitt. Maybe the best way to look at Jack would be Jack, (Mathew Fox,) from Lost (Or a modern day Harrison Ford from Raiders of the Lost ark.) TARIQ: 19 years old, A VERY well educated young man from Jordan who has spent his formative school years in the British school system and speaks English with an impeccable English accent. He is a teenage Sayyid (Naveen Andrews) from Lost.

Here’s how to get cast:
If you think you fit the description and are available, please email your headshot and contact info to with the character name in the subject of your email.

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