Get Discovered in this New Web Series

Do you live in North Carolina and need good footage for your reel?

An upcoming webseries is looking to cast many roles in Charlotte, NC. Production begins in mid-March to early April. Credit and copy will be given to actors.

The roles are as follows:
Tessa Adrian – (white, 16-20, female) Main Character. She copes with her “disability” with sarcasm and her dry sense of humor. Tessa is weary of getting close to anyone over fear of hurting them. She has little friends aside from her twin brother.

Kyle Adrian – (white, 16-20, male) Kyle is the twin brother of Tessa. He is very outgoing and kind unlike his sister, though the twins are still very close.

Gabe Mathers – (Hispanic/Black, 16-20, male) Gabe is the love interest of Tessa. He is very kind and caring toward others.

Evan Mitchell – (white, 16-20, male) Mitchell is the best friend of Kyle. He is very sarcastic like Tessa and the two butt heads quite often. Mitchell thinks he’s cooler than he really is. He is headstrong and tends to react before thinking at times.

Katarina Snow – (any race, 20’s to early 30’s, female) Katarina is the protagonist of the first season. She is very short tempered and harsh. She will do anything to get her way.

Tessa’s Mom – (white, 30’s or older, female) Tessa’s mom is very caring and loving.

Tessa’s Dad – (white, 30’s or older, male) Tessa’s dad is very quiet and more understanding of his daughter. He loves his family more than anything and is very protective of them.

Mr. Haverford – (any race, 30’s or older, male) Mr. Haverford is the boss at Tessa’s work. He is very strict and work oriented.

Here’s how to get cast: E-mail your resume, headshot, and reel (if available) to with the character you’re auditioning for as the subject.

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