Listen Up: Hear Why Creating Your Own Work is ALWAYS Worth it

By: Sarah duRivage-Jacobs
In a world where “BroadCity” is called the new “Girls”, or “Girls” is called the new “Sex and the City”, it can be extremely daunting to throw your hat into the ring. You may think that you aren’t original enough, or that your story isn’t worth telling. I disagree wholeheartedly. 
I am here to tell you that your story is worth telling. Unless you’re writing about aliens or robotic cats (BRB I HAVE AN IDEA), chances are someone’s already told a version of your story. Everyone has felt a version of heartbreak. Everyone has been a fish out of water. You don’t have to have a story NO ONE has EVER thought about before. That’s too much pressure, don’t you think? What YOU can bring to the table is your unique perspective and your individuality. It’s like snowflakes. They’re all kinda the same, but aren’t they still uniquely beautiful?
The logline for “BroadCity” – a fantastic show created by two New York comediennes – can’t be any more involved than something along the lines of “quirky show about women in their twenties.” Despite the minimal concept, the show is wildly original and incomparable to others of its ilk. Vince Gillian, who created “Breaking Bad”, originally fought criticism that his idea was too close to “Weeds”. Would you even put those two great shows in the same category?
Don’t let your fears about something being “unoriginal” stop you from writing. The worst that can happen is that you’re sent back to the drawing board. The best? You just created something you can really be proud of. And hey, maybe you can use it to springboard your acting career as well!

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