Get Going: The Top 20 Things You Can Do TODAY to Stay Motivated

One of the biggest struggles in this industry is inactivity: it’s so easy to become discouraged when you’re not working all the time, and sometimes when you’re hitting an acting dry spell it feels like maybe you just should just give up. Well, we are here to tell you that quitting is not an option, and even if you aren’t being called in to feature film auditions every week, there are things you can easily be doing to keep moving toward your dream career one day at a time.

Whether it is something big or small, successful actors, casting directors, and acting coaches in this industry all suggest doing at least one thing every day for your career: it is the best way to stay on the right track, keep motivated, and work toward bigger and better things. Doing one thing a day will keep your head in the game and will prevent your acting muscle (yes, there is an acting muscle, just trust us!) from getting out of shape. Don’t know where to even start? Here is a list of twenty ideas of things to do every day to inch toward your dream:

  1. Read a book or article about your craft (like this one!).
  2. Exercise. There is no better way to get yourself out of a rut than with a terrific release of endorphins! This could also be super important depending on your type (read more about your type with Sarah’s article on embracing your type:
  3. Watch a movie that inspires you to be a better actor.
  4. Work on your voice and breathing (here is a fantastic five minute warm up with New York City based vocal coach, Page Clements
  5. Make a list of goals you hope to achieve over the next week. Then over the next month. Then over the next year.
  6. Meditate on your goals. Visualize yourself realizing your potential and overcoming hurdles.
  7. Go see a play. Even a horrible one will get you in the right mind set to keep moving forward!
  8. Find a new monologue that is just perfect for you. Or find one that scares and challenges you, and then make it yours.
  9. Work on an old monologue. See it through new eyes. Slow it down. Give it new meaning.
  10. Log in to Claim Fame.
  11. Notice people. Go to the park, sit down, people watch, and then collect their mannerisms. You never know when you might need to use them.
  12. Maintain a good industry connection you have already made (send a thank-you note!).
  13. Reach out to someone in the industry (in a professional, non-intrusive way).
  14. Read a play.
  15. Submit to a role. Or three. Or twenty.
  16. Write in a journal about anything or everything. Especially from a different point of view that scares or challenges you.
  17. Go to class: an improv/voice/movement/acting/business class.
  18. Go to a seminar on something you are interested about in this industry.
  19. Do a cold read of something…of anything! Don’t let your acting muscle atrophy!
  20. Slow down. Introspect. Learn something new about yourself, and use that knowledge to continue to move forward.

What do you do to keep your career moving? Comment below with the things you do on a regular basis to move your career forward. The Claim Fame community wants to know!

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