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#Hashtag #Promote: Our Top 3 Tips for Promoting Yourself on Social Media

Your online presence has been established. You are managing your Facebook, twitter and Instagram pages but you aren’t getting the follower you deserve. What do you need to do? PROMOTE. Learning how to promote yourself on social media is one of the most effective tools for getting your name out to the public. Look at YouTube sensation Michelle Phan, she now has a nationally broadcast commercial and over 5 million followers all due to her social media presence as a makeup demonstrator! Could you be the next online dynamo? Follow our top 3 tips for promoting yourself on social media and watch your numbers rise!

1. Build a Community – Remember the age old adage people love to hear them self talk? In the new millennium, people love to be followed. Extend your friendship, send a message, and re-tweet from other people’s accounts. These things get noticed and they start a conversation. Your list of followers is similar to a playlist as it shows off your sense of taste. You are the curator of your feeds so fill it with interesting people who will take notice of your activity and potentially follow, retweet, and comment back!

2. Crossover – While it may be easy and disseminate information quickly, all your modes of social media should convey a different message. You don’t want the same photos or thoughts to appear on all of your feeds. Create crossover! Invite people to watch your new acting reel posted on YouTube by using twitter. Publicize the great play you are in on Facebook while Instagraming a picture of you on a commercial set. The diversity will showcase how busy you are while also creating interesting and new information across multiple feeds!

3. #Hashtag – Just Do It. The overuse of Hashtag’s may be making your brain go numb, but you got to do it. People are constantly looking for the latest trend and could easily find your profiles through #hashtags. Keep it simple and hit on key buzz words that are trending! Watch those followers multiply!

Share your best tips on promoting yourself on social media. We would love to hear how you are YouTube famous. Respond below!

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