TELL US: Would You Audition for a Naked Reality Show?

Would you get naked for reality TV? On the heels of the popular Discovery series, “Naked and Afraid”, producers are seeing a massive influx in the number of naked TV pitches coming across their desks. According to TheWrap, most of the shows focus on dating in the buff. VH1 has already green lit “Dating Naked” and are eager to be one of the first to bring the genre to the airwaves. According to VH1, they will take a similar approach to Discovery in the censoring of private parts. Frontal nudity will be blurred but it’s game on for the back side.

Let’s get cheeky (see what I did there?) would you be on a naked reality show? Would you date in the nude? What other naked shows would you like to see? Naked matchmaking, naked cooking, naked home improvement? Share your thoughts and ideas below! You never know, you might see your idea on the air soon!

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