3 Tips to Boost Your Resume this Summer

Summer is almost here! Do you have plans to make the most of your acting career? Don’t sit around waiting for your big break. Take steps to make it happen. Summer is an amazing time to get involved in the entertainment industry. Check out these tips to boost your summer productivity and your acting resume!

1. Enroll in Acting Camp – Summer camp isn’t reserved for the tween set anymore. An acting camp is a great way to hone your skills, meet new creative mentors and gain invaluable experience. You won’t regret it!

2. Spend a Day as an Extra – Seek out opportunities to perform as a background actor in an upcoming TV show or movie. This is an excellent way to help you gain union status while learning the ropes on a professional set.

3. Start a YouTube series – Get your friends together and start creating your own content! YouTube stars are taking over and you could be one of them! Do you have a great idea for a comedy? or are you the next Michelle Phan of makeup? Whatever you may be passionate about deserves to be seen and could make you a star!

Will you follow our summer tips? 

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