Top 5 Reasons Why NYC is the Place Start Your Career

1.In New York City the theater opportunities are endless.


Whether you are starring in a five-minute short play that you wrote with your friends or stepping out on Broadway, you can always be doing something  and that is the key to success. In New York, it is impossible to let your acting muscle atrophy, and starting your career off with a solid foundation in theater is nothing to turn your nose up at: many say that theater acting is much harder than film acting, so success in the theater world will not be taken lightly by casting directors when you’re trying to break in to film.


2.New York City is a mecca for the arts.



If you’re trying to find success in your art the best way to do so is to surround yourself with artistic people. In New York City it is bordering on impossible to not run in to artists at every turn. With a posse of creative and successful friends to motivate and support you it is unlikely you go wrong, and with artists who are passionate about everything from photography to lyrical dance you will find your eyes opened to the possibilities in your artistic career by New York’s arty types.


3.Some of the biggest names in teaching acting started in New York.


Stella Adler, Lee Strasberg, Stamford Meisner, etc. etc. These teachers have studios in LA as well, but New York is where they began and where they found success, and their studios and teaching methods are notoriously well renowned in the acting world. If the people who teach the craft started in New York then you should too.


4. In New York your success isn’t defined by your fame.


It’s defined by whether or not you’re working, and in New York it is easy to be working all the time. Whether you are creating work for yourself by writing your own plays or short films or web series, or submitting to NYU Tisch student films, or getting commercial auditions, working in New York is a hard thing not to do – as long as your have a little drive. If you’re thinking you want something bigger though, we have that too. Most LA casting offices have partners or at least hold auditions in New York City, so many of the opportunities in LA can also be found in the Big Apple.


5. There is everything in New York.



Whether you’re trying to build yourself up to be the next Louis C.K. or Idina Menzel or Quentin Tarantino, there are options in every facet of the theatrical and film world available in New York City. There are hundreds of improv theaters and underground comedy clubs, there are thousands of theaters, and just as many independent film companies. There are also bigshot agencies, huge TV and film productions, and Broadway just waiting for you. There are millions of opportunities to be taken.

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