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Here’s the #1 Trick to Getting What You Want Out of An Audition

Auditioning can be the most stressful thing ever for the beginning to the mature actor, but you can turn that around by looking at every audition as an opportunity to ACT! Over the years, I have had very varied auditioning experiences. Some have been terrible, and some have felt great. While I have come to realize that you have no control over the outcome of your auditions, the day to day can still feel pretty stressful. How do you prepare for a big audition without freaking out? How do you make sure you’re relaxed enough to let go and have fun? Remember, you’re auditioning for the RELATIONSHIP with the casting people, NOT THE ROLE. When you change your approach and thought patterns, you change your outcome.

This past week, I had an audition for which I was both incredibly excited and paralyzingly terrified. It was my first audition for a feature film, and major names were attached. While I didn’t want to get too excited about possibly working alongside some of my favorite actors, I knew I would never forgive myself if I didn’t give this audition all I had. I decided to meet with one of my favorite acting teachers to help me prepare. I was initially  so nervous that I would end up auditioning poorly, but my teacher reminded me that whatever happened didn’t really matter, and all that mattered was that I went in and made strong choices. He told me to reframe how I was looking at the audition, and to think about the exciting characters I’d get to play that day.

When I walked into the casting office, I breathed deeply and reminded myself that this was going to be a fun, no stress audition. And it was! As soon as I let go of all of my anxiety surrounding the audition, I saw it for what it really was: a chance to do my thang. While I have no idea what the outcome will be, it was a great experience. The rest is up to them. I was able to let go and have fun with my audition because I replaced my fear with excitement. If you change the way you look at auditioning, you’ll look forward to auditions instead of dreading them. And wouldn’t that be a lot more fun?

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