5 Worst Ways to Die on “Game of Thrones”: A Photo Essay (SPOILERS/GRAPHIC)

Everyone’s talking about it: Game of Thrones has mastered the art of the gruesome, the violent, the heart-wrenchingly sad, and ultimately, SHOCKING death. Here are our 5 top contenders for the WORST ways to die on Westeros…


1. Poison.

*Casually never sleeping again/why did they have to open the next episode with this shot AS IF IT WASN’T BAD ENOUGH THE FIRST TIME*


2. Molten gold. On your face.

No, it’s fine, I didn’t really feel like I wanted to have a normal rest of the month anyway.



Is saying “overkill” too punny? Also I may have yelled out loud when this happened.


4. Getting pushed through a hole in the floor that leads to a crazy drop that ends in sharp rocks by the man you’ve loved since high school.

Do they have high school in Westeros? No? STILL HORRIBLE.


5. The Flippin Red Flippin Wedding.

I credit George R. R. Martin with any serious trust issues I now have.






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