Check Out Our List of the Top 10 Most Beautiful “Plus Sized” Starlets

In this industry it is way too easy to get caught up with the concept that to be beautiful you have to be thin, and that your success as an actress is directly linked to your beauty.  While I posted an article on funny lookin’ male stars last week (see here:, I have found that women, due to the impressive amount of makeup and photoshop female stars have in most media, assume that not being the picture of skinny perfection is a death sentence in the entertainment industry. Here are 10 l plus-sized stars  who are so startlingly beautiful and successful that you would never think to criticize their dress size.

For the purpose of this article I am using the rubric that any dress size over a US size 10 is considered “Plus Sized” (this rubric is according to Plus Size Model Magazine).



1. Christina Hendricks (Size 14)




2. Melissa Mccarthey (Size N/A)



3. Queen Latifah (Size 12-18)



4. Toccara Jones (Size 12-14)

Toccara Jones at Think Like a Man Premiere


5. Adele (Size 16)



6. Mo’Nique (Size 22)

83rd Academy Awards Nominations Announcement


7. Lizzie Miller (Size 12)



8. Rebel Wilson (Size 16)



9. Amber Riley (Size 14)



10. Kat Dennings (Size 12)



Who are YOUR favorite plus sized celebs? Comment below with your favorite famous curvy ladies!


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  1. pandoralani31

    All these ladies are beautiful.. My favourites are Adele,Kat Dennings
    and Christina Hendricks .. I luv Adele’s voice.. The emotion and feeling she puts in her music..


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