ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK: Here Are 7 Celebs Who Did Time

We’ve found that in the entertainment industry stars tend to think that they are untouchable, but the vast majority of stars arrested are male. In honor of Orange is the New Black’s season 2 premiere today, we have compiled a list of seven of our favorite female celebs who made it to jail and back relatively unscathed.


Martha Stewart


Charged With: Consipiracy, obstruction of agency proceedings, and making false statements to federal investigators.
Sentence: 5 months in a correctional facility, two years of supervised release inc. five months with electronic monitoring.


Lil’ Kim



Charged With: Three counts of conspiracy and one count of perjury.
Sentence: One year and a day in prison.
Our Verdict: For standing in the way of a murder investigation? What would Biggie say?


Lindsay Lohan


Charged With: Cocaine use and driving under the influence, violation of probation, shoplifting.
Sentence: One day in jail, three years probation, then later 120 days in jail for shoplifting.
Our Verdict: Oh, Lindsay.


Dawn Wells


Charged With: Driving Under the Influence, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a controlled substance.
Sentence: 5 days in jail and probation.
Our Verdict: Wells was actually 69 when she was arrested for possession of Marijuana, shouldn’t the judge just let her off for her awesome NGAF attitude?


Paris Hilton


Charged With:Violating probation for an earlier DUI.
Sentence: 45 days in county jail.
Our Verdict: It is probably unlikely that The Simple Life prepared her for this one.


Zsa Zsa Gabor


Charged With: Battery of a police officer, driving without a valid driver’s license, driving an unregistered car and with an open alcohol container in the car.
Sentence: 3 days in jail.
Our Verdict: Apparently the police officer was rude to her and deserved the slap… Not worth it, Zsa Zsa. Not worth it.


Michelle Rodriguez


Charged With: Violation of probation on a DUI arrest.
Sentence:  6 month jail sentence.
Our Verdict: Obviously charmed the judge much less than Paris Hilton did.

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