Make Acting Your Business With These 3 Tips

So you want to be an actor? Now what? Passion and talent can only take you so far. What you need is a lesson in business. Follow these amazing tips on getting your feet wet as a professional actor.

1. Know the Industry – Take the time to educate yourself about the entertainment industry. Familiarize yourself with the power structure at management companies and talent agencies. Learn who the major players are at the big firms and do research on how they got to their position. Gain knowledge about famous directors, producers, casting directors, stage managers, etc. The more you know about how a production works the more likely you are to get cast in one!

2. Get Educated¬†– Acting is a craft you have to continue to nurture. Find a great acting school that provides a supportive network and excellent training. The tools, relationships and experiences you gain at school will last a lifetime and propel your career to the next level. No professional ever got to the top without excellent mentors and the necessary skills to be successful. Don’t cheat yourself, find the training you need!

3. Manage Your Own Career – Becoming a professional actor takes time, diligence, money and forward thinking. As you get started in the business, it is important to manage your career. Set up a schedule, budget and goal list and monitor your progress. Keep notes on the individuals you network with and always follow up with new contacts. Being proactive will put you on the road to success!

Did these tips help? What steps have you taken to kick start your new acting career? Share with ClaimFame today!

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