The Best Hair Styles in “Orange Is the New Black”

We’re loving the second season of the Netflix series “Orange is the New Black.” One of the best things about the show is obviously it’s very honest look at hair, and the wonderful things we can do with it (even in prison). Here are our top five favorite OITNB hairstyles that probably defy both prison rules, and gravity:


1. Crazy Eyes.

According to the show, Crazy Eyes has had the same hair since she was a little girl. The craziest thing is that where the hair ties/bobby pins/other fastening devices are is completely unclear to us. Also, can that be used as a weapon?



2. Red

Her hair is literally defying gravity. What does she put in that to make it stand up that way? If they don’t allow hair spray in prison what is she using? Cooking spray? Floor wax? How is it always so perfect?



3. Boo

The only thing that is unrealistic to me about her character is that she seems to keep the same #1 buzz on her hair every single episode. Doesn’t it grow out? Doesn’t it get expensive to deal with that all the time?? Doesn’t Laverne Cox have the business sense to make money off of this??? SO many questions.



4. Sophia Burset

Okay it honestly just doesn’t make sense to me that it is so nice all the time; I know she is the prison hair dresser, but how the heck is it always so perfectly coiffed? Is she cutting it herself? Does the back always look perfect too if she’s doing it herself?



5. Miller

It is really difficult to get hair like that into cornrows like that without some sort of texturizing product, so props to Miller for staying on the ball and maintaining  the ‘do for as long as she does.



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