4 Game of Thrones Love Stories That Probably Won’t Happen (But We Would Love to See Happen Anyway. SPOILERS.)

Sansa Stark and Tyrion Lannister:


I know that they’re already married and that neither of them are that into it, but now that Tyrion has officially turned against the Lannisters (excepting Jamie), and Sansa seems to have gotten in touch with her powerful Stark side I just really wish they would get together and take the bad guys down as a team.  If they teamed up with a common purpose they would be the ultimate power couple, and I just really think that both of them deserve a lot of love right now.



Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen:


Stannis Baratheon has the right idea in trying to win the seven kingdoms over by reinforcing the wall against those blue-eyed zombie guys in the way-north, but anything that Stannis Baratheon can do, Daenerys can do better (and with a lot more sex appeal). If Daenerys had a stroke of brilliance and tried to take the seven kingdoms from the north rather than the south, Jon Snow would likely be on her side if she promised his family autonomy from the war to come. It seems like a lot of conjecture, but after that they would obviously both fall madly in love and team up with Sansa and Tyrion.



Tommen Baratheon and Ser Loras Tyrell


Ser Loras Tyrell is no stranger to lovin’ up the in-vogue royalty of the moment, so let’s not say that Tommen Baratheon (who seems a bit hungry for love) is out of his league (in about five years when he comes of age). They could be the NPH and David Burtka of the Seven Kingdoms. It also would not hurt to see the manipulative master team, Cercei Lannister and Margaery Tyrell, outwitted.



Drogon the Dragon and Children:


I just think that Drogon is going through a really rough stage in his adolescence and feels like he needs some acceptance right now. It would be really great if he would stop eating children (he clearly is lashing out because he feels left out, duh) so that Daenerys could set up a play-group for him with some other kids his age.


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