Check Out Our Top 5 Tips on How to Make the Most of Any Shoot

You’re in luck: you chose a really fun way to make money and work! Filming can be so much fun and we’ve compiled our top 5 tips to help you make the most out of any shoot:

1. Work with people you trust and respect

Whether we’re talking behind the camera, or in front, you have to work with people that make you comfortable. While we can’t all be choosy in the early stage of our career, we can be a little pickier when it comes to smaller projects we decide to work on. If you can choose the crew you work with, do your research and find the best match! If you have any creative control, include people you know in the cast! Having a supportive cast and crew can make all the difference. I suggest Darin Quan and Arbuckle Industries if you’re located in New York City!

2. Have fun when it’s time to have fun, but buckle down when it’s time to work

When you’re having fun on a set with people you enjoy, it can be hard to switch between the fun and the serious. It’s okay to laugh and enjoy, but when the director is talking to you about your scene, shaddup and listen!

3. Keep the air circulating

The one downside of my shoot this past weekend was that it was PAINFULLY humid in my apartment (where we were shooting). The heat made everyone a little tired, and made us all look a little too dewy (and not in a cute way). Find ways to cool down the apartment, whether it be bringing in a big box fan or opening a window.

4. Get food and drinks that everyone will enjoy

Getting food that will please everyone is a difficult task, but you’ve gotta try your best. Actors tend to want things that won’t make them feel bloated or full, but the crew might want to dig into a pepperoni pizza. Have a lot of variety, and lay it all out so the rest of your cast and your crew can eat whenever they want. Also, ALWAYS have a LOT of coffee on hand.

5. Play music that everyone likes

When fun music is playing, everyone has a good time. If you’re controlling the music, make sure you consult with people before picking. If they want Beyonce and you’re playing Carrie Underwood, you might get the side eye.

Above all, prepare the best that you can and have fun. Because if you’re not having fun, then what’s the point? I hope these tips help you make your next shoot the BEST ONE OVER!

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