7 Musical Moments from Hugh Jackman

When most of us think of Hugh Jackman we usually think of Wolverine and tend to overlook his past career as a fabulous musical theatre star. In the limelight at the Tonys, attention certainly was drawn to him as the dashing and talented host, but did you know that Jackman’s career as a musical theatre actor is actually pretty talented?

Let’s take a second to celebrate Hugh Jackman’s career as both an action star, and as a more sensitive, gentle type. Here are five musical moments from the one and only Wolverine:


1. Walt Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, 1996: Beauty and the Beast

2. Sunset Boulevard, 1997: Sunset Boulevard

3. Oklahoma, 1999: Oklahoma!

4. The Boy From Oz, 2002: The Boy From Oz

5. Carousel, 2002: Carousel

6. Hugh Jackman, Back On Broadway, 2011: Back on Broadway

7. The Tony’s, 2014: The Tonys


Check out all of his wonderful musical performances and tell us what you think!


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  1. The Whole Media Reel for The Boy from Oz is excellent but wish there was a DVD of the Australia Arena version, and it would be great if Back on Broadway had a professional DVD for those of us who couldn’t get to New York.


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