Our Top 10 Favorite Romances to Welcome Summer

Summer officially starts tomorrow, do you feel like you’re ready? Here are 10 feel-good summer-lovin’ rom-coms to help you usher in the warmer months, and to inspire you to make this summer one that you’ll never forget!


1. The Notebook


The Notebook gives inspiration for the perfect summer romance with make-outs in the rain and cicadas singing on front porches, this is the perfect landscape to get you amped for the sweet summer months.


2. Forgetting Sarah Marshall



Forgetting Sarah Marshall provides an unforgettable (excuse our pun) summer vacation plan complete with cliff jumping and unexpectedly sexy Mila Kunis. What better way to get you ready for your holiday?


3. Amelie



Amelie‘s warm-hued summer in Paris gets you more than excited for a romantic European holiday. If you’re looking for a foreign film with summer romance that never ends, and an absolutely unforgettable ingenue, Amelie is the film for you.


4.Roman Holiday



With plenty of scootin’ through picturesque Italian streets, Roman Holiday gives you the opportunity to find a new outlook on life through a nostalgic lens. With one of Audrey Hepburn’s most famous films to start off your summer, you couldn’t go wrong.


5. Eat Pray Love



Eat Pray Love takes you through Italy and India with gorgeous scenery and adorably kitschy sets. With the obvious bonus of plenty of hot guys and delicious looking foods, Eat Pray Love is enough to inspire you to immediately buy that plane ticket you’ve been thinking about, and to learn to love yourself.


6. The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride (1987) 4


The Princess Bride (besides arguably being the best movie, like, ever) will bring you back to lazy childhood hours fantasizing about the mythical countryside and beautiful cliffs where the tale takes place. Heavy on romance, but light on kissing, this film will warm your heart right in time for summer.


7. Splash



What is more summery than mermaids? Get yourself in gear for beach season with this obvious addition to our list with a sexy young Tom Hanks and his mermaid girlfriend.


8. (500) Days of Summer



Though (500) Days of Summer has a lot of every season, it ends on a note happy enough to inspire anyone to  go out and look for a summer romance to end all summer romances. With one of the best soundtracks we have come across to date and the dream team of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel hamming it up on the silver screen, this one is not one to miss.


9. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days



A classic rom-com, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days will inspire stitch-in-your-side laughter, and heartwarming, slow-growing love (as well as unforgettable love declarations) that you will never forget.


10. 27 Dresses 



27 Dresses is a take on summer in the city that will inspire you to unforgettable summer fun with unforgettable summer hotties in the sticky New York City heat.

What are your favorite rom-coms for the summer months? Comment below!

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