Think You Have What It Takes To Join These Casts? Prove It!

It’s time for some Fantasy Casting! At times, box office movies could be ruined due to the casting. You come out of the theatre exclaiming that “the movie was okay, but the actors…” Wouldn’t it be so much better if YOU could choose who you wanted to star in your favorite films?

Grab Your Casting Director Hat & Tell Us Who YOU Think Should Be Cast in these Films & TV Shows:

1. Fifty Shades of Grey: When you’re reading a book (long before you know there will be a movie about it) you automatically have a character built in your head. Throughout the whole book (or series), you have those characters already in place. When you hear that a movie is going to come out, you immediately go online and Google celebs that would be a perfect fit. Sometimes, the casting of the actual turns into a different direction than you hoped.


So, for Fifty Shades of Grey, who would you have liked for the following roles:

Christian Grey__________________?

Anastasia Steele_________________?

Kate Kavanagh__________________?

Carla May Wilks_________________?

2.The Hunger Games: Jennifer Lawrence seems to be the apple of America’s eye. However, there may be some people that wish Katniss was played by a different actress. The Hunger Games fans don’t mess around. The books are great, so the movies are expected to be just as amazing.


So, for The Hunger Games, who would you have liked for the following roles:

Katniss Everdeen__________?

Peeta Mellark_____________?

Gale Hawthorne___________?

Effie Trinket______________?

3. Insurgent: Much like The Hunger Games, the Divergent trilogy has a huge fan following. Since the books seem to be intense and have a level of complexity, the audience wants actors that will be able to portray the movie correctly and well.


So, for Insurgent, who would you have liked for the following roles:

Beatrice ‘Tris’ Prior__________?




4. The Vampire Diaries: Ever since the Twilight books came out, it seems like vampires and love triangles are popping out left and right. The ‘Vampire Diaries’ has been airing for the past few years and seems to be exceedingly popular.


So, for The Vampire Diaries, who would you have liked for the following roles:

 Elena Gilbert___________?

Stefan Salvatore_________?

Damon Salvatore________?

Jeremy Gilbert__________?

5. Pretty Little Liars: The girls of Rosewood and the audience have been chasing ‘A’ for the past four years. Just when an answer is about to unfold, five more problems emerge. Now that Alison is back, everything seems to be as confusing as ever. Do you think this could all change if there was a different cast? (Most likely not).


So, for Pretty Little Liars, who would you have liked for the following roles:

Spencer Hastings__________?

Hanna Marin_____________?

Aria Montgomery__________?

Emily Fields_____________?

Alison DiLaurentis________?

Do you feel better after recreating this famous films and TV shows? Tell us who you would choose!


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