3 Easy Ways to Amp Up Your Health Goals This Summer

Summer is an ideal time to amp up your health goals! As an actor, it’s important to take care of your body to look and feel amazing! Follow these sure fire tips to boost your wellness in the dog days of summer!

1. Activate – Hitting the gym, while effective, can be boring! Find an activity that fuels your body and mind. Try Stand-Up Paddle Boarding, an outdoor yoga class or hiking. Get different muscles moving while enjoying nature! Not only will you feel fit but also serene after your work out!

2. Bottom’s Up – We all know we should drink 8 glasses of water a day. We also know that can be dull! Pick up your water game by adding treats to your next bottle. Not only will it add flavor but also color. Cut up cucumber, strawberries, oranges, lemons or ginger and add it to your H2O. I guarantee you will be putting away 64oz in no time and seeing the benefits inside and out!

3. Team BuildingĀ – Staying healthy as a group is optimal for keeping your focus! Find a wellness buddy and hold each other accountable for your fitness and food goals. It’s always great to have a partner when working out and making meals. Not only does it cut down on the cost but also makes it an experience. Why shouldn’t we look forward to being healthy!

Tell us what you do stay fit! Leave your comments below.

Mason O’Brien is ClaimFame’s professional Casting Coach. Mason has worked in casting for years and is also the owner and operator of Bluprint Coaching, a life coaching service based out of Los Angeles. Mason, “The Practical Coach”, works one-on-one with clients during periods of transition to design the next and best phase of their life!

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