How to Apply to Casting Calls on ClaimFame

Here at ClaimFame we try to make things simple for you! That’s why on each casting call we have a “How to Apply” section that gives you specific instructions on how to apply to that individual casting call. As you can imagine, every casting call is a little different, so it’s important to follow all the instructions we give you.

Here are the 4 ways that you can apply to the casting calls on ClaimFame:

1. Email — this is the most common way that Casting Directors will want you to self-submit to casting calls. Simply send your best headshot and resume to the email address given. Include a few sentences that state why you think you’re perfect for the part. Don’t forget to give them all your contact info and be gracious!

2. Snail Mail — grab your stamps! Mail in your headshot and resume to the mailing address given in the contact information. If you want to attract a little extra attention, try sticking a post-it note on there that says a few things about why you’re the one for this role!

3. Open Call — go to the location! Open calls are open to anyone who wants to attend. Follow the instructions and head on over to the given location with your headshot and resume! Usually there will be specific instructions, so be sure to read the fine print!

4. Via a Website — upload your info into an online form. This is becoming an increasingly common platform for submitting casting calls. Simply follow the prompts & upload all the necessary info to the link provided.

In order to access this information, however, you must be a Pro Member, or on your 30 day free trial. Click here if you’re not already a pro member and want to get started for a 30 day free trial!


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