ClaimFame Remembers the Legacy of Robin Williams

On August 11th, the world was in disbelief after news broke that actor and comedian Robin Williams passed away at the age of 63. The news spread like wild fire as celebrities and fans were Tweeting, hashtagging and Instagramming photos as a tribute to the amazing actor.

Though Williams is known to make people laugh–laugh really hard with his different impersonations, he had battled with depression and drug use in the past. Williams has won over 55 awards, including an Oscar, and has been nominated for 67 different awards. After touching so many people with his presence and wisdom, here’s a look at some of his greatest films:

1. Dead Poets Society (1989)


Williams brought literature to life playing an inspirational professor. Both onscreen and offscreen he got everyone to love and appreciate literature.

2. Hook (1991)


Playing an older version of Peter Pan, Williams brought so much joy and youth to this role. He was able to draw such a versatile audience to his movies due to his fun and playful roles.

3. Aladdin (1992)


One of the things that Robin Williams was well known for was for his extreme spectrum of voices and impersonations. His voice-over as the Genie in this film is extraordinary as he cracks jokes and sings.

4. Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)

Mrs. Doubtfire - Das stachelige KindermŠdchen

Mrs. Doubtfire is arguably one of the greatest comedy films in the 90’s. Williams is greatly known for his role in this film as he plays a divorced father of three kids that disguises himself as a nanny. This family film is both hilarious and heart warming.

5. Jumanji (1995)


Williams brings both adventure and fantasy into the film Jumanji. He takes his audience through his journey trying to finish the life-changing game as he is stuck in the board game and gets thrown into the future.

6. Flubber (1997)


Flubber is based on a wacky professor (Robin Williams) that discovers an extremely bouncy substance that he calls Flubber. The audience gets to see and enjoy his scatter brained and ruthless character throughout the movie as he is clearly in his natural environment.

7. Good Will Hunting (1997)


Williams proves his ability to play versatile roles as his character as a psychologist/therapist in this drama film. Starring alongside Matt Damon, the two have chemistry that illuminates to the audience.

8. Happy Feet & Happy Feet 2 (2006 & 2011)


In the first and second animated films, Williams plays the voice of Ramon/Lovelace showing his ability to have different and hilarious voices. Both films are great family movies.

9. Night at the Museum, Night at the Museum: Battle of Smithsonian & Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb (post production) (2006, 2009 & 2014)


Night at the Museum is another film that turned into a sequel and is now in the process of finishing the third film. Ben Stiller stars in the films as a night guard at the Natural History Museum as Williams stars as Teddy Roosevelt. Another great impersonation by him in this adventure and fantasy family film.

There are a few films that Robin Williams starred in before he passed unexpectedly. While they are in the post-production process, there is no word if his passing affects the finishing of the films. His family and loved ones are asking for privacy at this time as they grieve his death. Celebrities, friends and fans over the world will always remember the great Robin Williams.

“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.” – Robin Williams

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