How to Make a Great ClaimFame Talent Profile

Put your best face forward everyday in showbiz! That means online too!

Here’s how you can create a stellar online talent profile on ClaimFame:

1. Fill out as much info as you can.

We want to know all about you. Afterall, there’s no other YOU out there! Fill out the “about us” section telling the world what makes you unique and what makes you stand out of the crowd. Why should YOU be cast? What are your defining features? What are your dreams & goals? Who are the celebrities whose careers you want to emulate? Tell us all this info! Next, make sure you put in your gender and physical stats. This will make it easier for us to match you up with castings that are right for you.

2. Upload your best photos & videos.

Photos: A good photo is your foot in the door. Be sure to upload quality photos that render well online. Make sure they are turned the right way around. No selfies! This is a professional platform. Put your best face forward.

Videos: Upload any videos that showcase your talent. If you have a reel, then post it here! Any YouTube videos of your performances? Post them here! We want to see it all. But remember, this is a professional platform and you want to keep it classy.

3. Share your work experience.

Treat this area as your online resume. Tell us what projects you have worked on in the past. Even if you don’t have a ton of experience, you should write down what shows and films you’d like to work on. The more info, the better!

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