The Top 10 Best & Worst Moments of the Emmys

It’s only Tuesday and this week has already been a good week for TV. Following the VMAs on MTV Sunday, the Emmys aired on NBC Monday night. Seth Meyers hosted for the first time and luckily for him, everything was smooth sailing. Throughout the three-hour award ceremony, AMC’s ‘Breaking Bad’ won big taking home six awards. If you weren’t able to watch the award show, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything (from the good and bad) of the night.

The Good:

Actor Cranston engages Julia-Louis Dreyfus in a prolonged kiss as she takes the stage to accept the award for Outstanding Lead Actress In A Comedy Series for her role in HBO's "Veep"

1. Walter White will forever be in our hearts, but Bryan Cranston is equally amazing. While presenting an award together, Cranston tried reminiscing a kissing scene with Julia Louis-Dreyfus on an episode of ‘Seinfeld.’ After not remembering the scene, he laid a big one on her as she made her way to the stage for her Emmy. Conveniently, she remembered as soon as she got on stage.

2. Amy Poehler was introduced as Beyonce as she made her way to the stage. She may not be Queen Bey but she looked pretty fabulous.

3. Billy Crystal’s beautiful and touching tribute to Robin Williams.

4. ‘Breaking Bad’ took home six Emmys.

5. ‘Modern Family’ took home the Outstanding Comedy Emmy.

The Bad:


 1. After last night, Sophia Vergara was being criticized after literally standing on a rotating podium during an award presentation. People argued that it was extremely sexist to have a talented actress be portrayed in the light that way.

2. Sarah Silverman ran onstage barefoot and gave a strange acceptance speech.

3. Seth Meyer’s awkward (and possibly planned) Q&A halfway through the show–John Hamm and Melissa McCarthy saved it.

4. Ricky Gervais has been nominated 21 times and has lost 19 of those times. Poor guy. 

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