10 Things You Didn’t Know About Joan Rivers


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On September 4th, comedian and TV host Joan Rivers passed away at the age of 81. Last week, news broke that Joan was rushed to the hospital when she wasn’t breathing. She was on life support for the past few days and was reported dead at 1:17 pm in a small New York City hospital surrounded by her family and close friends in a CNN report. Joan was highly noted for her unfiltered mouth and wit. Throughout her career, she has accomplished so much more than just making people laugh.

Here are some facts about Joan Rivers that you might not know:


1. In 2011, Joan and her daughter, Melissa had a reality TV show on We-tv

2. Throughout her life, she underwent 16 plastic surgeries (There’s no secret that she had some work done).

3. She was the winner of ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ Season 8.

4. Her parents were Russian immigrants according to bio.

5. Joan conquered a huge milestone for women after she landed her own talk show known as ‘The Joan Rivers Show‘ or “That Show” with Joan Rivers. She later took over Carson’s late-night show which later turned into The Late Night Show Starring Joan Rivers.

6. She has had two best-selling books and had a Grammy Award-nominated comedy album.

7. In 1990, Joan won an Emmy Award and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


8. Joan was the mastermind behind live on the red carpet and Live with E! that has now turned into a full coverage at E! before big red carpet events.

9. Before she was famous, Joan served as a tour guide, writer and proofreader.

10. The two things that she is most proud of are her rescue dogs and her daughter Melissa according to We-tv.

Friends, family and fans carry heavy hearts today with the death of Joan Rivers. She will never be forgotten for her wit, charm and humor.

Rest in Peace, Joan Rivers.



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