Get Results By Applying to 5 Casting Calls A Week

Numbers don’t lie! The more casting calls you apply for, the better your chances are of getting an audition! Are you playing the odds? Every ClaimFame member should be applying to at least 5 calls a week to increase their ability to get cast. As I tell my coaching clients, casting directors like familiarity. If they see your name and headshot a few times they may be more likely to call you in for an audition. Get in the game and start applying for casting calls today!

Here are a few calls to get you started on the road to success:

1. Get Cast in “Game Brain” with Will Smith

2. NBC’s “Mysteries of Laura” Casting Extras

3. “Vacation” Film Casting Extras

Mason O’Brien is ClaimFame’s professional Casting Coach. Mason has worked in casting for years and is also the owner and operator of Bluprint Coaching, a life coaching service based out of Los Angeles. Mason, “The Practical Coach”, works one-on-one with clients during periods of transition to design the next and best phase of their life!

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  1. Sharon Bond-tart

    Are there any audition available for a 13 year old African American.


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