Check Out these Top 3 Places You Should Get Your Entertainment News

Where do you get your entertainment news? As an actor, it’s important to stay up to date on the latest movies, television series, actors, directors, plays, musicians, etc. This info is key to being well versed in the business as well as being able to network and communicate with your peers. Even better, I find this type of news very fun. Celebrity gossip, casting speculation and details on major blockbusters are always entertaining. Are you getting your fix of entertainment news? Are you in the know? Tell us what trades you frequent!

If you need help getting started here are a few suggestions

1. ClaimFame Рwe have the latest entertainment news available for you. Follow us on twitter @claim_Fame 

2. Variety – Your one stop shop for everything entertainment

3. IMDB РFind out if your favorite actor got cast in the latest big budget film! 

Mason O’Brien is ClaimFame’s professional Casting Coach. Mason has worked in casting for years and is also the owner and operator of Bluprint Coaching, a life coaching service based out of Los Angeles. Mason, “The Practical Coach”, works one-on-one with clients during periods of transition to design the next and best phase of their life!

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