Get Inspired: Hear About My Night at “Mortified Live” & Start Sharing Your Stories

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a “Mortified Live” event. If you are not familiar, these performances allow adults to share their embarrassing diaries, journals, poems, plays, home movies, etc. from their awkward childhood and teen years. With the help of a band and professional actors the hilarious trials and tribulations come to life onstage. Last night, I got to I re-live a first kiss, a competition between twin sisters, an epic Greek tragedy, and a movie script from a 13 year old obsessed with “The Lord of the Flies”.

Laughter roared through the crowd, but it was the compassion and camaraderie that really made this a special night. We’ve all been there. Each of us has an unflattering photo, or a funny love memory that makes us cringe. It’s part of life and growing up. I share this with you today as “Mortified Live” it is another venue to share your creativity with an audience. I want to encourage all of you to look for ways to express your talents in unconventional ways. You never know who may be in the audience! Further more, you can get inspired from the most unlikely of places. That journal from your freshmen year of college could be the start of your new YouTube series!

To learn more watch the documentary, “Mortified Nation”, on Netflix. Have a funny story to share with us? Leave it in the comments section here or tweet us @claim_fame

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