Meet ClaimFame Pro Member Karen Carlisle

Today I had the opportunity to coach ClaimFame member Karen Carlisle. Relaunching her acting career after raising her family, Karen is excited to take advantage of all that Atlanta has to offer! She has already landed some great background roles on some of the biggest production in Georgia! Karen also has a speaking role in the upcoming comedy “The Grand Prince of Moscow”. We can’t wait to see what Karen performs in next and are so excited to have her as part of the ClaimFame community.

One of things Karen and I discussed was her strong southern accent. While I love a good twang, it can be limiting on the types of roles available. Luckily, there are tons of ways for her to work on her delivery and vocal quality. For those of you looking to lose or learn an accent here are a few suggestions:

Hire a coach

Find Tutorials On-Line

Find a local acting class that specializes in accent work

I’m sure Karen will find the right solution for her and I encourage everyone to be proactive in their pursuit of enhancing their acting range. To learn more about Karen check out her profile HERE!

Mason O’Brien is ClaimFame’s professional Casting Coach. Mason has worked in casting for years and is also the owner and operator of Bluprint Coaching, a life coaching service based out of Los Angeles. Mason, “The Practical Coach”, works one-on-one with clients during periods of transition to design the next and best phase of their life!

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