10 Foods Every Actor Should Be Eating

Let’s face it–we’ve gotta look AND feel good as actors. Plus, we are what we eat, so we better eat well! Here are my top ten go-to foods that I always have in my fridge and/or bag when I am on the run. Easy, cheap, clean sources of protein, vitamins, and deliciousness! Not to mention… the vitamin B12 in most these foods will help you memorize even the toughest Shakespeare lines in no time!

1. Eggs (cage free). Eggs are the best. Have some for breakfast post-workout and pre-audition and you won’t get hungry for hours! Come home after a long day out and scramble up some eggs instead of grabbing fast food, or opting for mac n cheese from the box, or sugary cereal and milk.
***Make sure you get organic eggs — it’s worth the splurge (and only about $2 more). Nobody wants a bad egg around…***

2. Avocados – I am pretty sure avocados are the most delicious things ever. Well, maybe not ever… but I love them! Throw this sexy food into anything and it will brighten up your day, your complexion, and even help your cardiovascular health. Plus, it’s a great source of vitamin B, C, and E and aids in weight loss. What’s not to like?

3. Apples – You know what they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away! Or something like that. But seriously, it is apple season right now and apples are a cheap and easy source of fiber and vitamins. Also, it’s easy to throw in your bag when you’re running out the door for the day. If you can, grab farm fresh apples from your local farmers market, or check the label for organic. No one wants a waxy, GMO apple– if it looks fake, it probably is fake.

4. Almond Butter – Throw out the Jiffy and grab the almond butter! Almond butter is a great alternative to peanut butter. It’s a terrific source of protein that you can put on apples, or celery, and pack for the day as an easy snack on-the-go!

5. Nuts – I am nuts about nuts. They are another great source of protein you can carry around with you — to the office, to your audition, or while you’re on-set. Snack on raw, unsalted nuts all day to keep your energy levels up! Plus, they’re a great source of vitamins and good for your hair, skin, and nails. Shine on!

6. Leafy Greens – They’re. Just. So. Good. For. You. End of story. Eat em Popeyes!

7. Garlic – People tend to have a natural aversion to garlic due to its strong presence, but unless you’re in a kissing scene, or have a closeup with someone, eat all the garlic you can stomach! It’s a great source of vitamin C and is a lovely addition to throw into the pan and cook with anytime.

8. Quinoa – Keen-whaaaa?! Ok, so the name is weird, but don’t let it deter you from cookin up some of this super grain! Quinoa is packed with protein, fiber, and magnesium, which most of us are lacking in our diets! Plus, it’s cheap to buy a bag and easy to make — cooks in 20 minutes or so.

9. Beans  – Toot toot! Beans are awesome. They’re a clean source of pure protein and they’re cheap n’ easy to throw into just about anything. Warning: don’t overdo it — no one wants to be gassy on-camera!

10. Dark Chocolate Do I even need to list a reason?  Why?  Because chocolate. Dark. Rich. Chocolate. And it’s an aphrodisiac — throw in a square here and there. It won’t kill you and will actually curb your sugar cravings. Even Victoria’s Secret models eat a square when they’re in training to curb their food cravings. If the angels do it, why shouldn’t YOU?

So, there you have it. Go make your grocery lists and get cookin’ good lookin’! Keep it healthy and you will glow in that next audition!


2 Responses to “10 Foods Every Actor Should Be Eating”

  1. Hey Isabelle; All your suggestions are great! I already eat them all most everyday, yes! But, about the garlic; I love garlic, but I don’t eat them raw – to harsh! I suggest taking a small tin pot and put water about half-way up, them set to boil. As the water starts boiling, have your garlic (about 5 or 6 of them) already peeled. Drop the peeled garlic into the pan of boiling water and time between 4 to 5 minutes. Then, strain the water and let cool to drink later: Let the garlic cool for about 3 minutes and then, eat them. So—– good, and no garlic taste or acidic taste to them. They are so good. I have showed this method to many people and they “all” love it. Try it, I think you”ll like it. And, you still get all the benefits, especially by drinking the cooled water! This is the best manner I have discovered that not one person dislikes. I look forward to your reply, Issy.
    Aloha. Manny.

    • Isabelle Dungan

      Hey Manny! Thanks for the tips — yea, raw garlic can be a little harsh on the digestive system… I usually cook it in some coconut oil in the pan and then add veggies 🙂


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