Here’s Why Everyone’s Talking About Felicity Jones

This holiday season it seemed that everywhere I turned — be it in the USA or Europe — everyone was abuzz about English actress, Felicity Jones. The Theory of Everything starlet just touched down in LA for the Golden Globes this Sunday: it’s hard to avoid her bright eyes sparkling on the big screen, on international magazine covers, and trending all over social media these days.

So, who is this Felicity anyway and how did she get her start in showbiz? As actors, we always want to know the background story! It’s encouraging and gives us hope that someday soon we too shall dazzle magazine covers with our talent and shine. Here’s Felicity’s story, let it serve as inspiration and encouragement for your own artistic pursuits in 2015:

From a young age, Felicity was encouraged by her uncle, actor Michael Hadley, to pursue acting. It wasn’t until age 11, however, at an after-school workshop funded by Central Television, that Felicity took a stab at acting.

Jones appeared in the first series of The Worst Witch, but soon left because she missed home. She was then home schooled and starred in Weirdsister College. Her longest and probably best known role was on the BBC Radio 4 soap opera The Archers, where she played Emma Carter.

Soon thereafter, her talent was obvious and she went on to star in many TV shows and movies. Most notably, her role as Anna in the 2011 film Like Crazy put her on the Hollywood map. Now, she’s in A-list films — The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and starring alongside Eddie Redmayne as Stephen Hawking’s wife in The Theory of Everything.

What we love most about Felicity is her attitude toward the art of acting. Let her quote below remind you that LONGEVITY is what we seek in this career, not just 5 minutes of fame. Acting is an art and art never fades. Even in Hollywood.

“When you’re a young actor, there’s this pressure to rush. But I hope to be doing this into my sixties and seventies, so I’d prefer to take my time. There’s so much of a desire in the entertainment industry for newness, a desire to build somebody up and then treat them as old news within six months. I think you’d be naive if you didn’t try to hold on to your own way of doing things.” —Felicity Jones

Take Felicity’s story to heart and believe in your own potential. What will you do in 2015 to get steps closer to Felicity’s success and celebrity? Share with us here!

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