True Actor's Spirit

The True Actor’s Spirit. Do You Have It?

I know it seems like it is so, so hard to break in anywhere in this industry. And some of the foundational building blocks, ARE really hard to achieve (like getting to the market you want to work in, going union, getting representation, etc). But, if you keep at it, and your hard work and stamina stays strong, I guarantee it WILL pay off.

I’ll give you an example with a short story. A couple summers ago, a very high profile client was up for the lead role in a very big film with a very critically acclaimed director. The director had tapped this actor for the role as his first choice. This was exciting news, because this role was Oscar bait at its finest.

As the actor wrapped up production on his current project, it was decided that he and the director would meet for a quick chat about the role and the film, just to make sure everyone was on the same page, after all, this actor had the role already, no audition was really required.

Well, this actor went to the meeting with the director late, and unkempt. He hadn’t even looked over the script beforehand. He was utterly unprepared, and this left the director utterly unimpressed.

You know what happened? He didn’t get the part. The part he already had. Instead, they went with an unknown actor (the opening credits will most likely go something along the lines of , “…and Introducing Actor X”). Why? Because this actor knew the script, the lines, and actively kept in touch with the director, just wanting a shot, because he really felt this was the role for him. His effort and enthusiasm was so much more powerful than any level of fame, experience, or training.

While this will not always be the case, I just want to say keep your spirit strong — it can work for your career more than anything else. Sometimes the roles don’t always go to the most famous person (even if it does seem like it’s just names that drive box office sales), and while it may take awhile to get to that playing field, if you can keep your enthusiasm, you’ll win.


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