Monday Motivation: Connect With One New Person this Week

Now that the excitement of the holidays has worn off and we’re smack in the middle of winter I’ve started to think about what I truly value in life. One thing stands out above all else – CONNECTION.

  • As a performer, I crave connecting with the audience.
  • As a friend, I love maintaining strong relationships.
  • As a businesswoman, I strive to connect with my clients to ensure both of our successes.

Connection is something we all crave, but aren’t always able to manifest in our day-to-day lives. People get busy, work becomes overwhelming, and connection is often lost in the shuffle: Not this year! Instead, I am going to be proactive when it comes to maintaining and fostering relationships.

For today’s Monday Motivation I want each of us to connect with one new person this week! 

Don’t delay in sharing your passions or finding new ways to engage in activities that enrich your life. I for one have signed up for a new tennis class. I thought it would be a great way to get in shape, better my skills and hopefully meet some new people! I also took a chance and set a meeting with a talent agent so that I could pick his brain on how I can grow my business and further your entertainment dreams. While I was scared I might get turned down, the reward of connecting with this individual and the information he shared totally made my day!

Connecting with people is a way to feel supported and heard; two things you deserve! Take the time to evaluate what you want for yourself and let’s make the connections that will bring those dreams to life! We could all use a friend, are you reach to connect?

Share your story with us. We would love to hear from you.


Mason O’Brien is ClaimFame’s professional Casting Coach. Mason has worked in casting for years and is also the owner and operator of Bluprint Coaching, a life coaching service based out of Los Angeles. Mason, “The Practical Coach”, works one-on-one with clients during periods of transition to design the next and best phase of their life!

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