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Watch: Get Cast This February – 3 Tips from the ClaimFame Casting Coach [Video]

“How can ClaimFame help me get cast in this shortest month of the year?”  GREAT question!  We’re glad you asked.  ClaimFame Casting Coach, Mason O’Brien, offers 3 helpful tips to get you going.  And they’re pretty simple, too:

Tip 1.) Apply, apply, and apply some more!  After which, you might have time to apply to EVEN MORE!

We update our casting calls daily, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be applying to at least one a day.  (Like, until you get tired of clicking and attaching and seriously need to go for a smoothie.)

Tip 2.) Polish your profile to the point where people be all like, “DAYUM, you look good!”

Keep your stellar ClaimFame profile updated and detailed. (it’s good for you, because it keeps you on top of your game and fully aware of what you’re capable of, and it’s great for the casting directors that are constantly searching for new talent)

Tip 3.) Find inspiration around you by checking out your peers in the spotlight. (Profile stalking encouraged here.)

Nothing is more inspirational than seeing other working talents like you doing their thing and doing a great job at it.  Pick your faves and maybe even reach out to them saying how much you liked their profile (imagine how good you’d feel if the reverse situation happened??)!  Maybe follow them on Twitter!  Everyone knows you gotta follow to get followers.  Actors UNITE!

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    Would love to get that big start. I’m trying, trying and still trying. I will land the big one soooooooon!!!!!!!!

  2. MheganLee

    Hi , I appreciate the tips. Let me know, I’m still on the right path, Thanks !


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