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Watch: How to Be a Better You in 2015 — 3 Tips from ClaimFame Casting Coach [Video]

Let’s face it — us actors and models have to deal with a LOT of regular rejection. We submit our beau-TASTIC, super-slick headshots and/or our totally one-of-a-kind resumes or reels to castings all the d*mn time only to never hear back from anyone (okay, maybe we hear from, like, 1 out of every 30). If we DO get some kind of response, it’s usually some sort of generic, impersonal auto-response telling us to show up at some audition with a monologue or our portfolio ready.

So we go. (because, of COURSE, we’re already prepared — we’re amazing and have a moving or hilarious monologue or stunning lookbook in our holster ready to go at a moment’s notice.)

We sign in and stand in line and wait around for only half the day (pshhh, like we don’t have OTHER THINGS to DO!^%$).

We finally get called to show off our moves (good thing we’ve had time to rehearse or run lines in our heads 17,397 times while we were waiting.)

We perform an unforgettable audition and get told how “great” it was and that they’ll “be in touch.”


We leave with head high knowing we just OWNED that room and left everything in there. EVERYTHING (sniffle).


Days turn to weeks as we anxiously wait for that call or email…but nothing ever comes. We silently weep a little to ourselves inside and question our very existence and purpose and dream for all of about 12 seconds, then suck it up, move on, and go back to submitting for parts while making that survival DOLLA and hoping for the same chance again.

It’s a vicious, often hurtful cycle that can eat away at our souls and leave us feeling cynical and unappreciated. But don’t let it!! We here at ClaimFame want to remind you, the terrific talent reading this, that there’s a reason why you do what you do and submit yourself for likely rejection every week. Whatever that reason may be, we love it and admire you for sticking to it with your everything.

To help you stick to that reason deep within you, here are three of my favorite tips from ClaimFame Casting Coach, Mason O’Brien, to help you stay devoted to your dream.  In case you missed them back during the holidays, check out her video again below!

Tip 1.) Don’t Compare Yourself!

We get compared all the time by the casting directors that judge us, so why join them? Next time you look in the mirror, smile and tell yourself how awesome you look and feel.

Tip 2.) Breed Positivity!

There’s a reason for the old saying, “We are the company we keep.” Find ways to connect with people you admire or those that energize you creatively.

Tip 3.) Fake it ‘Til You Make It

We all have days where we “just can’t even.” But that doesn’t mean we should, in turn, let every person we come into contact with know it! As a former boss of mine used to say, “don’t bring your monkeys to work.”  He, of course, wasn’t referring to your neato, yet still illegal pet lemur, or your collection of rare monkey plush animals that inspire you.  He was talking about the “everything else” we have going on that sometimes brings us down.  Ultimately, we are responsible for making our day great, so save the “everything else” for someone you know who truly cares to listen at a more appropriate time.


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