Hey Actors, Don’t Mess Up like Brian Williams

Brian Williams isn’t just an ordinary NBC Nightly Newscaster: He’s a celebrity. Unlike the stuffy old anchormen of the past, Brian Williams is hip. He rapped the news on Jimmy Fallon. He’s made comedy appearances on shows like SNL and 30 Rock. His daughter, Allison Williams, is one of the gorgeous and talented stars of Girls.

But then he messed up. Big time. How? He lied.

Williams began telling (and repeating) a story about how, when he was reporting a story in a war zone, his helicopter was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade resulting in a terrifying emergency landing. It wasn’t just an exaggeration … it simply wasn’t true. This week he was forced to make a humiliating apology on national TV.

There’s an important lesson in here for actors.

When you’re applying for parts and performing in auditions, you’re constantly asked to represent yourself. Your age, your height, your prior experience. We’re all tempted to present ourselves in the best light. And sometimes that causes us to exaggerate.

But be careful. Don’t say you’re 25 if you’re 30. Don’t say you’re 5-foot-8 if you’re 5-foot-6. And for heaven’s sake, don’t say you starred in a production that you weren’t even in. The truth will catch up to you.

Of course, lying is fundamentally dishonest. But more practically, casting directors rely on accurate information to find the right actors for the right parts. If you misrepresent yourself, you may find yourself on set obviously miscast for your role. You might not even fit the wardrobe. You’ll be humiliated and almost certainly lose the gig.

So always act with integrity. You owe it to yourself to be yourself. There are parts out there for every type of person. If you respect who you really are and represent that to others, rest assured the right parts will find you! Click here to get going and find the perfect parts for you on ClaimFame!

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